Cleaning Toilet


Cleaning the inner portion Toilet

  • Apply a generous amount of powder or liquid toilet cleaner (of your choice) to the inside edges of the toilet bowl. Note to make sure you get plenty of cleaner along the sides and under the rim of the bowl and not just in the water.
  • Using the toilet brush, swab and scrub all around the interior of the bowl. Be mindful when scrubbing to make sure that you scrub beneath the rim of the toilet bowl and the area at the water line. These are the areas where most bacteria build up inside the toilet bowl.
  • Once the bowl has been thoroughly scrubbed, flush the toilet to rinse the cleaner and grime out of the toilet bowl. If you’re still not satisfied with the cleanliness of your toilet, repeat this process until the toilet bowl is clean.

Cleaning the outer portion of the Toilet

  • Using a disinfectant spray (of your choice) and sponge, spray and wipe down the top of the toilet seat, the underside of the toilet lid, the underside of the toilet seat, and the top rim of the toilet bowl.
  • Once the inside and the seat are clean, wipe down the outside of the toilet base, the top of the toilet lid, and the top of the tank with disinfectant. Allow the disinfectant to dry before using the toilet.